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Samsung The Frame TV (2021): Koristite svoj TV kao okvir!


This year Samsung come up with the creative idea to give their customer a realistic and great image quality experience on their TV. Samsung is producing their TV bigger and bigger day by day. It is recommended for watching TV shows and sports due to its high peak brightness and decent reflection handling. Moreover, Samsung has improved the panel in their Samsung frame TV with HDMI specifications.

The Samsung The Frame TV 2021 is the successor to the Samsung The Frame 2020, and it’s an exceptional 4k TV with a VA panel and quantum dot technology. Its principal selling feature is a special design, as it’s expected to be wall-mounted and can show work of art when you’re not using it.

We can use it as a showcase for lifelike art, photos, TV, and movies in stunning 4K resolution for endless combinations to customize your décor. It is designed with a stunning idea which shows the elegant display of your TV.


  • Vrsta montaže: Zidni nosač
  • marka:SAMSUNG
  • rezolucija:4K
  • Tehnologija povezivanja: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Tehnologija prikaza: QLED
  • Podržane Internet usluge: Browser
  • Boja bež: Bezel
  • Veličina ekrana: 54.6 inča
  • Težina artikla: 38.45 funti
  • Bežična komunikaciona tehnologija: Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Bluetooth AvailabilityDa
  • Apps AvailabilityDa

Značajke of Samsung The Frame TV

Design of The Frame TV by Samsung

design frame

The borders of Samsung Frame TV are 0.43″ i.e. 1.1 cm, which is quite thin. The borders of The Frame TV by Samsung are relatively thicker than other 2021 Samsung QLED TVs. However, These TVs are still very thin. You can modify the bezels so they fit in better with the decor of your home. In any case, you need to buy the white, beige, or brown colored ones independently, and you need to install them yourself. The Frame TV is rather intended to be fancy. While the out-of-the-box set is nothing to think of home about with its basic dark casing. Samsung offers a scope of sold-separately cut-on bezel pieces that can be used to help the set fit into a scope of stylistic layouts, from bold color completions to wood-like edges.

The Samsung The Frame’s design is basically the same as its forerunner, the Samsung The Frame 2020. It actually includes the One Connect box so that there’s simply a single cable leading towards the TV, yet the actual TV is a lot more slender than the 2020 model, and the feet have been a little bit redesigned to take into consideration the level change. At the point when not wall mounted it still sits on two separate feet, which can be set at two distinct levels to oblige a soundbar underneath the screen. These essentially space and fit properly on either end of the TV on the rear of the screen, with no screws required. A sold-independently stand like a Studio mount can likewise be bought.

Sound Quality of The Frame TV by Samsung

The sound quality is very much impressive as it gives you ambient sounds. Although the TV doesn’t have an inbuilt soundbar or another top-notch speaker framework, it conveys incredible sound with standard TV use. The dual in-built speakers guarantee that voices and effects are clearly visible. While the more modest sizes have 2 speakers, the bigger sizes, from 55 inches, have 2 subwoofers. You can connect a soundbar or home film set to The Frame 2020 to make the sound more extravagant and deeper. Sadly, this TV doesn’t uphold Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony.

Notwithstanding its little makeup of 1.25″ of uncovered depth, the soundbar shows the rich sound quality and room-filling dynamics.This soundbars are the best ones to connect with your The Frame TV like HW-Q950A Soundbar, Denon Home 550 Soundbar, Samsung Q800A (Q-Series) Soundbar,Samsung HW-Q950T Soundbar.

Smart TV of The Frame TV by Samsung

samsung the frame TV

That Art Mode, and the rest of The Frame’s interface, is based on Samsungov Tizen operating system, which is effectively utilized in the set.

There’s a healthy choice of streaming applications accessible to download and use directly from Frame TV, uključujući Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, and local providers like BBC iPlayer and Sky’s Now TV. There’s likewise a choice of free streaming channels ordered in the Samsung TV Plus application. The Frame also does well when it comes to mirroring your other devices on its display.

Prednosti i nedostaci


  • Attractive arty design
  • Strong image quality
  • Ambient Art Mode choice is brilliant
  • Great response time.


  • Skupo
  • Slab zvuk
  • Nema Dolby Vision
  • Narrow viewing angles

Cijena i dostupnost

Samsung The Frame TV 2021 is available now. Besides the 1080p 32-inch model, any other choices are at 4K resolution. Beginning at $599/£499 for the 32-inch model, there are also 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch choices available, with prices beginning at £1,099/$999 and going up to £2,599/$2,999 for the largest models.

samsung the frame tv samsung

Često Postavljena Pitanja

Does the frameTV use an extensive amount of power?

The average power utilization of The Frame is 118 W (figure given by Samsung). The average power utilization of an e-ink show that refreshes on a once-daily basis and needs a single yearly recharge is effectively 0 W.

How long does it stay on frame TV?

The Frame TV has been the perfect option for a gallery wall so that we don’t have to simply stare at the wall we are not watching the TV. Moreover, the art mode can stay on for varying time frames which we can adjust in the settings. Art Mode will not stay on. However, sometimes it shuts off after 1 minute. Sometimes after 35 minutes. Sleep After setting is OFF.

Does the Samsung frame TV come with free art?

Use Free Images From the Samsung Art Store

We can get the unique free collection of art from the Samsung Art Store which is available on the home screen of your Samsung Frame TV.

Does the Samsung frame have a timer?

You can set the timer 30-minute for up to 180 minutes. Besides The Frame will now power off automatically within 60 minutes.


The Samsung Frame TV is a 4K TV that mounts almost perfectly flat to a wall. But that’s not what makes it special. What makes it different and sets it apart from other TVs is that ona prikazuje high-quality artwork and photos when you aren’t watching the TV. It’s appropriate for watching TV shows and sports because of its high peak brightness and decent reflection handling.

Apart from these, The Frame TV gives you a great image quality, however, you’re paying a premium for the design here, rather than the absolute heights of image and sound quality that a similar cost. Overall if someone is obsessed with artwork and modern frame design we can go with The Frame TV by Samsung.

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